She started circus when she was only 5 and until she was 18 she has been specialized in aerials (trapeze and silks).First, in the circus school of Toulouse “Le Lido” and then graduated in bachelor of letters an “Circus” at the school of Chatellerault in France. She continued her training, but this time as a acrobalance flyer, at “The Circus Space” in London (2003-2005). There she created Maintomano company with Marcos Rivas Farpón with which they have been working hand in hand ever since.
This year she works on the new creation of Maintomano “Sin Miedo” and in parallel she premiered the project “Liricirco” where the circus fuses with the Lyric music.

He began his artistic career in 1995 in the association of jugglers of Valladolid and in parallel, trained as an actor in the School of Dramatic Art of Valladolid. He continued his training at the Municipal School of Circus of Alcorcón and “Carampa” and finally, completed his training and graduated from the School of Circus in London, “The Circus Space” where he co-founded the Maintomano Company with Morgane Jaudou. Since then they have been touring around the world their shows at street festivals and theaters.

Cia Maintomano has been on the road for more than 10 years already touring their circus shows or, as they like to say, their “visual physical poetry between two accomplice souls”

Creation of the company in London.
Begins its journey in the UK performing at Cabarets and events.
They also joined and toured with British companies such as “Bassline Circus” and “The Insect Circus”.
The company moves to El Bierzo, north-west of Spain and joins several productions of the National Lyric Theatre, Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid such as “El Rey que Rabió” by Luis Olmos, “Gloria y Peluca y El Estreno de un Artista” and “Marina” both directed by Ignacio García.
The company begins “Pincelados”, project supported by the “Pedro Alvarez de Osorio Conde de Lemos Foundation”, and in collaboration with the Australian choreographer Rob Tannion.
“Pincelados” is the fusion of physical theatre, poetry and multimedia awarded as best show in the Off section at Valladolid International Street Festival TAC 2013.
Begins the creation in collaboration with Jordi Aspa from Scarlata Circus as scenic advisor of “Ekilibuá” where the research around wooden rolls composing landscapes for knife throwing, balancing and hand to hand.

“Ekilibuá” has been awarded at important scenic events such as “Best Street Show” at Feria de Teatro de Castilla y León, Ciudad Rodrigo 2015. And again in 2016, at Festival Internacional de Teatro de Calle TAC Valladolid in Estación Norte section.

2014 – 2018
Since then, “Ekilibuá” has been presented in many festivals and fairs such us:

Kaldearte Vitoria, FETEN Gijón, Fira Mediterránea Manresa, MAC Mislata, FACYL Salamanca, Cir&Co Ávila, Fira al Carrer La Bisbal, Umore Azoka Leioa, ARCA Aguilar de Campoo, Festival Teatro en Cazorla, Festival Cirkómico Córdoba, Festival de Teatro en Cariño, Feria de Teatro Castilla y León en Ciudad Rodrigo…

And international:

OutThere Festival Great Yarmouth- U.K., Le Pressoir Targon – France, Oito24Espinho – Portugal, 10Performance Paderborn – Germany, STRTFSTVL Utrecht – Holland, Zsolsnay Festival – Hungary, Strapatzen – Belgium y el Abril Cultural – Morocco.


Premiere of the new show: “Sin Miedo” 

and tour with “Ekilibuá”.