“Sin Miedo” is a poetic approach to fear and it´s ways to overcome. Fear as a measure, fear as a stimulus.

The acrobatics take shape on a ladder, an object which set challenges, doubts and uncertainties, risk and fear.

Each step that goes up is to move towards a goal … also a vertigo that makes you doubt in the climb but, just imagine how nice it would be to take risks and everything went well.

A  poetic view over fear´s breakthroughs

Original Idea: Maintomano.

Director: Pablo Ibarluzea.

Performers: Morgane Jaudou y Marcos Rivas.

Coreografía aérea: Zenaida Alcalde.

Original Music by: Borja Fernández.

Musical Production: David Suárez.

Light Designer: Alberto Rodríguez.

Scenography: Marcos Rivas y Antonio Cerro.

Architectural advice: José Amigo Arquitectos.

Costume Designer: Morgane Jaudou.

Costume making: Entretelas Vestuarios.

Coaching with object manipulation: Endika Salazar.

Duration: 55 minutes.

Recommended age: from 7 years old.

Minimum space required: 

  • Theatre Version: 10m x 7m and 7m or 5m height.
  • Street Version: 10m x 7m and 7m height.

Assembly time: 

  • Theatre Version: 10 hours.
  • Street Version: 6 hours.

Disassembly time: 2 hours.