Acrobalance, physical theatre and projections draw the journey of a cracked relationship. A poetry and humor view.

Pincelados is a fusion of movement and images; It tells us about a meeting, about the unavoidable honesty of the acts, the fighting to keep the balance and the marks left behind by the relationships.

As a mirror, we watch our reflection in the other; we observe how we grow, how we vibrate and how we envy the simplicity and the harmony that gives off from the pictures in our living rooms.

Performers: Morgane Jaudou y Marcos Rivas.

Choreography: Rob Tannion.

Music composed by: Borja Fernández Farpón.

Technician: David Stiksma.

Photography: Víctor Arias.

Vídeo and animation/Stop Motion: Joaquin Mancera.

This project was co-funded by Fundación Pedro Álvarez Osorio Conde de Lemos

Scenic space: 8x9m

Height: 6m.

Show designed for theatre but adaptable to alternative spaces.

Power supply: 220V.