– Equilibrium:m. An even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.2mental or emotional stability.3 harmony of design and proportion.4 a counteracting weight or force.5.

– Equilibrista:adj. A state in which opposing forces or influences are balanced.. Ú.m.c.s.

– Equilibuá. fr.Equilibois. Fam. Ekilibuá: expr. An alliance involving wooden objects and human beings working together by creating multiple geometrical forms to obtain astonishing feats of balancewith dynamic transitions, tonnes of complicity and humour..

Two characters and their small rolling stock, playing on stage to see who is going to rise higher, until they reach the top, until it has to stop…

A risky game to see who takes the reins, but most importantly, always playing hand in hand..

Ekilibuá is a show for all audiences, a mix of theatre and acrobalance, knife throwing, handling of objects, with a lot of humour and complicity.

Performers: Morgane Jaudou y Marcos Rivas.

Music: Borja Fernandez Farpón.

Direction: Jordi Aspa.

Costumes: Entretelas Vestuario.

Scenography: Inducable, Maintomano.

Duration: 50 minutes or 30 minutes version

Flat floor: 14 X 7m

Height: 6m.

Power supply: 220V